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Bayer Ukraine is part of Bayer AG, a global concern headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany.

In Ukraine Bayer has been doing business since 1992 and today is represented by next area of business:

  • Crop Science (agriculture)
  • Pharmaceuticals (prescription drugs)
  • Consumer Health (over-the-counter drugs)
  • Animal Health (animal health’s protecting)

Crop Science Ukraine is responsible for the protection of crops. The division offers a wide range of products, including innovative plant protection products with chemical and biological active substances; actively develops the direction of resource-saving agriculture.

Crop Science Ukraine is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market of crop protection products, offering high quality effective products. In 2019 Bayer Ukraine offers 70 types of crop protection products, including 17 herbicides, 12 insecticides, 26 fungicides, 12 seed treatment products, as well as 3 growth regulators and adjuvants.

Prior to mass production each of the products undergoes long-term thorough research and testing to achieve high effective quality characteristics with maximum safety for people, animals, cultivated plants, etc..

Bayer is not only a reliable producer and supplier of high-quality crop protection products for its customers, but also a partner you can count on at all stages of business!

So the Crop Science offers access to Bayer Agrosolutions through which you will be able to fully realize your huge agricultural potential.

  • Financial solutions – global financial management and capital raising practices.
  • Agronomical solutions – modern tools to improve the efficiency of crop cultivation.
  • Agro-management solutions – optimization of business processes and advanced approaches in enterprise management.
  • Sales marketing solution – your support in product sales.

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